What Is Dyslexia

What Is Dyslexia

Initial Release Date: 23-01-2018

Last Updated: 23-01-2018

What Is Dyslexia?

What is dyslexia; you probably encounter with this word in your daily life. In the dictionary, Dyslexia refers to

“A general term for disorders that involve difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols, but that does not affect general intelligence.”

They have no trouble of seeing language but have the trouble of manipulating language.

It is not a disease or disability; there is no cure treatment for dyslexia as it is neurological. However, people with dyslexia can change and improve their reading, spelling or writing skill with appropriate instructions.


People with symptoms will have difficulty in reading, spelling or writing, such as slow reading with many mistakes.

The severity of individual ranges from mild to severe.

Famous People

Agatha Christie – One of the best authors of all time; her book sold 2 billion copies worldwide.

Thomas Alva Edison – Inventor, Scientist and businessman.

Will Smith – Award Winning Actor and producer.

Something You May Not Know

People with dyslexia actually can see things as everyone else, as it is caused by final logical process problem.

Dyslexia influences 20% of people globally; it runs in family. For example, if you see anyone with dyslexia in the family, family members may have the same disorder.


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