​Somatic Anxiety

What Is Somatic Anxiety

Initial Release Date: 04-11-2017

Last Updated: 04-11-2017

What Is Somatic Anxiety

Before talking about Somatic Anxiety, Let’s take a look the word “Somatic”. Somatic means “of the body” and it is distinct from the mind.

As you can see, somatic anxiety is the physical manifestations of anxiety; Or the physical symptoms of anxiety. These symptoms may interfere with daily life and they occur more often in women.

What Is The Symptom

The most common symptom related to anxiety is the pain; for example, headache, chest pain and abdominal pain. Apart from pain, the symptoms include, muscle tension, muscle aches, increase heart rate, hyperventilation, sweating, shaking and nausea.

Somatic Anxiety & Cognitive Anxiety

Somatic anxiety is contrasted with cognitive anxiety.

In most cases, somatic anxiety can cause cognitive anxiety; in addition, cognitive anxiety can cause addition somatic anxiety.


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