What Is Anxiety?

Initial Release Date: 02-12-2017

Last Updated: 02-12-2017

What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a state of inner turmoil, which is an unpleasant emotion; a feeling of difficulty and worry. In many cases, anxiety is an oriented mood state in which one is not ready for the future threat or danger.

Anxiety experience can be chronic and acute. Chronic anxiety can be a daily or frequent experience; whereas acute anxiety, it can be experienced in short spurts or attack.

Anxiety has effects on individual’s behaviour, emotion and cognition.

Behaviour effects include, change in sleep patterns, change in habits, change in food intake and change in motor tension.

Emotional effects include a feeling of difficulty in concentration, feeling of restlessness and feeling of a blank mind.

Cognitive effects include, thought about suspected or unrealistic danger, fear of dying or getting injured.

Anxiety vs Fear

You may be confused about anxiety and fear.

In regards to fear, it is toward specific threat; for example, certain animals, movie characters. Fear also facilities individual to escape or avoid a certain threat. Most importantly, fear is present, instead of future.

As for anxiety, it is the expectation of the future threat. It can be long-lived. It focuses on a diffuse threat, instead of a specific threat. Pay attention the word – FUTURE.

Something You May Not Know

Anxiety can be normal or appropriate. However, if the anxiety is becoming a regular experience, individual may be suffering from anxiety disorder.

Anxiety may cause psychiatric and physiological symptoms.


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