The Story From A Lady​

A Life Story From A Lovely Lady

I love my current job very much! Good income and the nice reward. Sometimes, after work, I would sit down and have a tiny conversation with my clients. I collect a few sentences from conversations. It is quite satisfied with listening to their stories and I have never felt any conversation is too long.

“I was having holidays in Rottnest Island with my sister and her friends and he was having his holiday to celebrate the end of service in the army. I don’t know why, the moment I saw him with other girls, a wired feeling told me, he is mine and I want to get him.”

“I approached him and play table pool with him, by the end the holiday, we stay there for a few more days. After I return to Perth, I stop hanging out with other boys and we start dating and get married at the end. We were married for 59 years and I hope your marriage will last as long as ours.”

“We don’t have enough money to buy a good house then and I remember we only have four walls in the kitchen. After our builder knew I had 3 children, he said, I will not let you move into the house without a cabinet in the kitchen if you have 3 children…Eventually, he built a cabinet for me and I have never threw them away the rest of my life.”

“He was fine during the holiday. Suddenly, He starts to cough blood! I was shocked.”

“Our car broke down on the road. Then we hired a truck and I had to put four pillows on the seat so I can drive it.”

“He would have said, ‘look the bloody moon on the right’!. But this time, he was extremely nice to me. He said, ‘I know you are focusing on driving and just take a little look at the moon on your right.’ At that moment, I know he was sick!”

“I sent him to Hollywood Private Hospital and he was arranged to have an appointment with doctors. I was sitting in the truck and waiting. Eventually, the doctors told me, he has gotten lung cancer and brain tumour; they are not treatable and healable at this stage.”

“Every morning, he put himself on the scale and said ‘Look, I am still 99Kg!”

“He never has a trouble of getting off the bed in the morning, dresses himself and feeds himself!”

“They told me that he would pass away in a few days. I followed doctors’ advice and put him in the hospital; he still smiled and had fun with me, made jokes with nurses. One moment, he stops breathing and I knew he passed away peacefully.”

“Sometimes, I think this is a relief for himself and me as he passed away peacefully. He never suffers any pain and he has been always nice to me in his life. The moment he behaved nicer to me, I know he is not well…I miss him very much!”

“After he passed away, I had a few thousand dollars to spend and I have never had a chance of spending that amount of money. Many people suggest me that renovate the kitchen, I said Yes in the beginning, but I chose to travel, I was actually happy with that choice.”


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